From The Columbia To The Mekong
One River Project


The Columbia River Gorge was the first National Scenic Area. It meets the Mekong across half a world and 80 years of industrialization. Find out how.


Learn about current events, history, biology and culture of the lower Mekong River basin. Meet the people who call it home.


Teachers and students - the original site offered interaction with partners in the lower Mekong basin and sharing of student work.


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The One River Project
A Global Conversation

The One River Project


Connect river communities.     Support local engagement.


The biology of the Mekong and Columbia rivers and the stories of their communities are separated by an ocean and decades of technological development.

These two great world rivers are connected by history, energy, globalization, and thousands of years of river culture.

Bring your river to the conversation.

The One River Project
A Global Classroom