Living River Siam Association

Today we followed up with Living River Siam Association. We asked them about a large dam project on the Mun river in eastern Thailand. This is an interesting example, “a good example of a bad example” said a Professor from Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai.


Pak Mun dam is on major tributary to the Mekong near the confluence of the two rivers. The impact of the dam on people and river ecology, and the politics and economics around its construction and operation appear to offer a look at  the likely course of events on main stem Mekong.


The Director of Living River Siam also told us that their teen groups would be interested in hearing about American rivers and salmon – an exotic and almost mythological species they have only heard about. We will be asking students for submissions about salmon.


He also suggested that we might work towards sharing short videos about our rivers on YouTube or other platforms like Facebook. At The One River Project we have been talking about this for over a year. We will pursue this with LRSA and other organizations we encounter.


Yesterday we met a PhD student from the US who is living and working in Thailand studying dams and effects. We expect some collaboration with her in the future. Thai dams offer insight into Mekong main stem dams. And often the involved bank(s), construction company and electric utility are the same.


Things are getting interesting. We have reorganized the site a bit. All prior information is still there. And we will be adding more in the coming days. We expect to depart again for the north on Monday. Keep checking the site for updates.

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